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About Us

Custom TeleConnect was incorporated in October 1993 in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a facilities-based interexchange (IXC) 214 Common Carrier, we are a provider of operator services, domestic and international direct dial services and debit card services, as well as being an independent pay phone provider (IPP).

As former Hoteliers, specializing in telecommunications, we understand the intricate complexities of telecommunications and how it relates to the hospitality and payphone industry. We understand that providing quality long distance service means that we must provide professional technical services tailored to the specific needs of customers. In order to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers, we guarantee our commitment to excellence. Custom TeleConnect gives its customers the advantages of an experienced staff of professionals to service their needs.

The mission of CTI's team was, and is, to deliver the kind of telecommunication products and customer service that we desperately wanted when we sat on the "other side of the table". Since incorporating, Custom TeleConnect has successfully installed its services, in numerous hospitality/payphone locations including some of the largest hotels of the world.

Our Network is Designed for Quality and Reliablility

Superior Equipment

CTI's network utilizes National Applied Computer Technologies, (NACT) and Digital Switch Corporation (DSC) DEX digital tandem switches. The CTI network gives you optimum quality voice and data communications.

CTI switching sites support uninterrupted power supply sources for disaster recovery. All circuit and other technical facilities are continuously tested from diagnostic control centers, using the latest digital equipment available, to assure you of clear transmissions so that your call will go through the first time and every time.

Unsurpassed Service

Our network offers clear, crisp transmission on every call. The CTI network quality is a personal guarantee from our engineers and technicians to all of our customers.

Answer Supervision

At CTI, we use state of the art answer supervision equipment to prevent billing for calls that ring no answer

Network Redundancy

CTI has strategic partnerships with numerous national carriers to provide for utimate network redundancy. Multiple carriers allow for continuous service in case of individual carrier outages.

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